A free chore chart template & more: Best resources to help manage chores in your sharehouse

Posted by Dennis on 11/09/18

There are a ton of dynamics to manage in a sharehouse without worrying about who’s pulling their weight with chores, which is why we put together this guide filled with resources to split chores fairly and easily.

Check out the resources below to get started on the path to a more peaceful (and vibey)  household.

1. Use a simple spreadsheet (or this monthly chore chart template)

There really isn’t much that a trusty spreadsheet can’t do – especially splitting your chore duties. If this kind of resource suits you and your housemates, the monthly chore chart template below is setup to:

  • Enter the chores you want taken care or in your household.
  • Assign them to someone in your house.
  • Set a due date.
  • Add custom notes with specific details about the chores.

Monthly Chore Chart Template


Get the spreadsheet

2. Use a free app

There are a few great free apps designed especially for splitting chores. They manage everything from assigning the task to reminding housemates when their task is overdue. Some of my favourite include:


An app designed especially for housemates that gamifies chores. Available for iOS.


If you’re sick of nagging about chores – Tody has special time tracking features to report on when chores are completed.

Available on iOS.


A powerful to-do list app that lets you quickly add tasks and set reminders. Available on almost every device.


Chooserr is a quirky app that randomly assigns tasks. Log what you need to get down, and then leave the rest to fate.

Available on iOS


A beautiful and functional to-do app that lets you set up and track recurring tasks.

Available on a range of devices.

3. Hire a cleaner, split the expense

It can seem a bit indulgent to spend money on a cleaner when it’s something you could do yourself, but the feeling of getting home to a clean house you didn’t clean is really quite amazing.

If you’re keen to maximise time not spent doing chores – get your hands and find a trustworthy cleaner and lodge the expense with Homies.

Make chores a non-issue

Don’t avoid chores - find a simple solution that works for you and your housemates to make them as much of a non-issue as possible.

Do you have another great hack for simplifying chores not mentioned in this post? Let us know about it in the comments below.